From a small office suite survey to Texas Stadium, we can handle your PLM needs.

Asbestos Testing

The asbestos laboratory provides asbestos-testing services for the identification of asbestos in bulk materials. Cateslab has a broad range of experience in asbestos-testing services, including large projects and litigation work as a third party to resolve disputes between other laboratories. Significant projects include Texas Stadium pre-demo sample analysis, First Baptist Church Dallas, Love Field Modernization Program and statewide survey of Kash n' Karry stores in the State of Florida. Additionally, Cateslab provided PLM testing for regional asbestos survey and bulk sample analysis of Natural Gas Plant facilities across the southwestern United States totaling over 7,000 samples. We provide asbestos-testing services for clients throughout the United States.


Experienced in petrographic investigations of mortar and cement materials associated with historical restoration projects. Provide a variety of tests and investigations specifically tailored to the client's scope of work. Work closely with the project manager in order to provide pertinent information regarding the material in question without unnecessary tests. Significant projects include The Alamo - San Antonio involving mortar and stone analysis to determine historical building campaigns, Starr Family Home - Marshall, St. David's Cathedral, Charnley Cottage, Kellum-Noble House, McCulloch County Courthouse, Jefferson County Courthouse and Jackson Barracks, where natural Rosendale Cement was identified and characterized in the original mortar.

Stone Characterization

Specialized experience in architectural stone characterization and material identification by PLM. Projects include Trammell Crow Center Statuary, Legacy Park - Clifton, Corpus Christi Cathedral, Randall County Courthouse, Union Mercantile Building in Fort Davis and the Chisolm Trail Museum.


A variety of paint services are also offered including dry mil thickness, forensic analysis for paint deterioration, color determination and photomicrography. Projects include Mother Neff State Park, Lampasas County Courthouse (original paint color restoration), Brenham State School and 100 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

Texas Stadium 

Marble (China) - Crossed Polars 100X

Coating on Marble - Plane Polarized 200X